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Washington Association for Language Teaching

The 2021 Fall WAFLT conference will be held online. There will be live & recorded sessions, exhibitor & sponsors sessions, language group idea shares, games, and networking time. The call for Sessions Proposals is now open

Conference registration

$25 for WAFLT members - Free clock hours! 

Free for WAFLT member presenters!

Dates: October 5-9 (Tuesday evening - Saturday afternoon)

Session types:  Deadline for Session Proposals is September 20th.

Recorded: The presenter uses the voice-recording on a slide (or other comfortable option) presentation to create a video that they submit to WAFLT by September 30th, 2021. Be stress-free on the day of your presentation! 

Live: Rapid Round Robin - If you have a quick idea or topic to share, but don't want to prepare a full presentation OR If this is your FIRST professional presentation, choose this option! You will be grouped with 2-3 other presenters for a live 30-45 minute "Rapid Round Robin."  

Live: 30-45 minute or Saturday 2 hour extended presentations

The presenter will use *their own* Zoom, Google Meets, or similar platform to present live. If you are using a personal (non-school) Zoom account, you may be limited to a 30 minute presentation. WAFLT *may* be able to host your session, but this not guaranteed. For all questions, contact Catherine Ousselin (

Exhibitor & Sponsorship Information:

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